Sunday, November 22, 2015

An Image of Evil

What is the center of evil in this photograph? It is the book.

Muslims have been told, and say, that the Quran is perfect. But if they defied its many threats and the sanctions of their societies enough to think for themselves, they would realize that it is very very far from that. A human-written law which could reasonably be interpreted both to command killing in certain circumstances and to prohibit it would be recognized by all as a very poorly drafted law, and consequently invalid. Muslims are convinced both that the murders in Paris are justified and prohibited by the Quran. Such a faulty source of moral authority cannot be the product of a perfect and benevolent God. That means it is a fraud and, to the extent it leads people to commit all the heinous acts we have seen, it is a source of great evil.

I say, if you are a Muslim, realize that you have been misled. If you own a Quran, burn it. If all the Qurans in the world were destroyed, and all the Muslims abandoned their religion in favor of independent-minded reason and secularism, the world would be a far better and happier place.

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