Monday, July 25, 2011

Republican Madness

Today I sent the following email to members of the U.S. House Republican leadership regarding the current Republican-manufactured crisis over the debt ceiling:

I am not a constituent of yours, but your actions impact all Americans. So please heed my plea. 
I know you and your Republican allies were elected to represent their constituents, but so were the President and the Democratic majority in the Senate. The idea that you would try to govern by ultimatum, threatening to throw the U.S. economy into chaos unless Republican demands are met, is so appalling to me that I find it difficult to express how heinous I believe Republican behavior to be. The Republic can't function when its elected representatives behave just like terrorists, threatening all our well-being unless they get their demands enacted into law. 
Please, consult your conscience, and stop this madness! Lift the debt ceiling without preconditions.
Gerald Lame
San Diego, CA

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